Balenciaga Triple S Pastels (Women’s) 524039 W2CA1 9045


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Product Description:
The Balenciaga Triple S Pastels (Women’s) 524039 W2CA1 9045 are the epitome of style and comfort. These sneakers are designed to elevate your streetwear game with their unique color palette and trendy silhouette. The high-quality construction and attention to detail make them a must-have for fashion enthusiasts.

1. Pastel Color Palette: The Balenciaga Triple S Pastels feature a delightful combination of soft and muted hues, including baby pink, lavender, mint green, and pale yellow. These colors add a touch of femininity to your ensemble and make a bold style statement.

2. Chunky Sole: The oversized sole on these sneakers not only provides supreme comfort but also adds an edgy vibe to your outfit. It features a mix of textures and materials for a visually appealing contrast.

3. Premium Materials: Balenciaga is known for its commitment to using top-notch materials, and these shoes are no exception. The upper is crafted from a blend of leather, mesh, and nylon, ensuring durability and breathability.

4. Triple S Logo: The iconic Triple S logo, featuring the brand’s name, is prominently displayed on the side of the shoe. It adds a touch of sophistication and instantly brands these sneakers as a luxury item.

– Brand: Balenciaga
– Style: Triple S Pastels (Women’s)
– Model Number: 524039 W2CA1 9045
– Color: Pastel Pink/Lavender/Mint Green/Pale Yellow
– Upper Material: Leather, mesh, and nylon
– Sole Material: Rubber
– Closure: Lace-up
– Heel Height: Approximately 2 inches
– Weight: Varies depending on size

These Balenciaga Triple S Pastels are perfect for fashion-forward women who want to make a statement with their footwear. Whether you’re running errands or hitting the town, these sneakers will elevate your outfit to new heights of style and comfort.

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EU 35, EU 42, EU 43, EU 45

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