Adidas Originals Prophere Cream Gray BD7828


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Product Description:
The Adidas Originals Prophere Cream Gray BD7828 is a remarkable combination of style and functionality. Designed to deliver unmatched comfort and performance, this shoe redefines urban streetwear. Whether you are hitting the gym, going for a casual stroll, or hanging out with friends, these sneakers are the perfect choice to elevate your look.

1. Unique Design: The Prophere Cream Gray BD7828 boasts a one-of-a-kind design that sets it apart from other sneakers. Its cream gray color scheme combined with subtle accents creates a sophisticated and modern appeal.

2. Breathable Upper: Crafted with a lightweight and breathable knit textile upper, these sneakers ensure optimal airflow, keeping your feet cool and dry even during intense physical activities.

3. Comfortable Fit: Equipped with a roomy forefoot and a snug midfoot and heel, these shoes provide a comfortable fit for all-day wear. The lightweight EVA midsole offers superior cushioning and flexibility, reducing strain on your feet.

4. Durable Outsole: The Prophere Cream Gray BD7828 features a sturdy rubber outsole, providing excellent traction and durability. It allows you to move confidently on various surfaces, ensuring stability and grip in every step.

– Color: Cream Gray
– Upper Material: Knit Textile
– Closure: Lace-up
– Midsole Material: EVA
– Outsole Material: Rubber
– Brand: Adidas Originals

In summary, the Adidas Originals Prophere Cream Gray BD7828 is a fashionable and functional shoe that encapsulates urban street style. With its unique design, breathable upper, comfortable fit, and durable outsole, this sneaker offers the perfect combination of style and performance. So why wait? Upgrade your footwear collection with the Adidas Originals Prophere Cream Gray BD7828 and step out in confidence and style.

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US M4 / W5 = UK3.5 = EU36, US M4.5 / W5.5 = UK4 = EU36.7, US M5 / W6 = UK4.5 = EU37.3, US M8.5 / W9.5 = UK8 = EU42, US M9.5 / W10.5 = UK9 = EU43.3

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